The Dish: Millennial Denial Syndrome

You Might Be a Millennial If …

I was born in 1987, which puts me right on the cusp of this older millennial/younger millennial divide. Fact of the matter is, I see the same basic cultural behaviors in some of my older friends (30-34) that I do in my brother and his friends (22-23). And though I’ve had plenty of people around my age deny they were somehow a millennial (the label apparently has a lot of baggage), to me that just shows a lack of understanding when it comes to sociocultural context.

My interest comes more in what’s next: the kids who are currently in high school are starting a new set of cultural memes that I may already be too old to understand. The next decade is going to be as big a shift as the late 90s were for Gen X…time to start paying attention, especially if you’re a millennial who plans on having kids.


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