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After-Action Report: May 29th, Apocalypse World

After an 11th-hour dropout, I switched from running Interface Zero to Apocalypse World for the three people who were still available. The in-game description of the session is available here.

The game was a bit limited due to the small number of people, but we got some good action and tension going on. In the background I’ve written the antagonists that the players saw in this session into a larger Front, which gives me some interesting stuff to work with going forward. As I was writing I immediately saw the value of structuring the threats in the world into Fronts for timing and developing conflict.

As we go forward, I’m going to try to write at least one more Front before the one that the players have started interacting with comes to pass. I can take lessons from a lot of games I’ve played or run, not the least of which is Fate (the notion of immediate conflict and impending conflict informs how I time games and how I’ll time this one). My players also seemed to enjoy the game, and we all liked how the dice results kept things moving and kept people involved.

I am still working on how best to incorporate everyone’s abilities, but thinking about ways to bring everyone into the spotlight is another thing that will allow me to develop this even further. I’m looking forward to more opportunities to run Apocalypse World and other PbtA-style games throughout the rest of this year and beyond.


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