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After-action report: June 5th

June 5th was my second-to-last Interface Zero session, and I think I made the gravity of the situation very clear. I had told the players before that the majority of the corporation New Frontier Enterprises had left for space to execute their dastardly plans. The group then asked me “then who’s on the ground?” Touche, genre-savvy players, touche. To their credit, knowing how ballsy their plan was, the players then dumped quite a bit of street cred to get the necessary IDs and cover stories to make their plan work.

They pretended to be sent from the offworld security VP ahead of an investigation team from the C7, led by LaCroix (the group whose island NFE destroyed a few sessions ago). The “no time to explain! Give us the hard drives!” was pulled off excellently, with a few tense moments where it almost all fell apart. The session was shorter than I liked, but the victory felt deserved.

And I got to use the session as an opening to our finale, which will occur when we’re down at the beach. It will be no punches pulled, and no room for error. I intend to plan it fairly carefully, and hopefully it’ll help the campaign go out with a bang.


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