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After-action report: June 12th

Another small session of Apocalypse World.

Today we saw our Hocus come back, with his cult mostly out of action due to disease. Still, the player who is playing the Hocus jumped right into the setting with the psychic maelstrom, and we revealed some plot about the broader Front that’s behind the Hunters that the players encountered last time. No immediate solutions, but an engineering manual that may hold the secrets to why “The Scientists” took over the Hunters’ lodge. At the same time, while camping out to meet up with the Brainer that touched our Hocus through the maelstrom, hours of distant gunfire could be heard coming from a set of urban ruins the players have dubbed “Scarytown”. That is definitely coming up later.

I enjoy the game and the pacing it gives…the entire encounter from yesterday was improvised after one of the players decided to “open their brain to the psychic maelstrom”…a setting move that so far has been plot gold everytime one of the players used it…in part due to the incredibly nebulous amount of both upside and downside that could come with it. While I like the broad direction, there are still areas I need to improve in. I feel like I’m giving the player who is running our Angel short shrift, and I want to  change that. Healing characters are often very specific support characters, and it’s been like that since Dungeons and Dragons (see: “playing the cleric”), but I feel like I can do better regardless. The character is great and has some interesting hooks…I just need to work harder to avoid the healer pigeonhole.

We’re getting closer to our annual Beach Weekend, as well as to the turnover of this past year’s GMs (Mark and myself), so Apocalypse World may fall much further to the wayside as new game enthusiasm pushes upward on attendance. Still, I think having this back-burner game has done wonders for our momentum, especially after having a month-long drought back in February.


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