Project Urban Beater: That damn pedal

Despite many applications of liquid wrench and a lot of cursing, I have not yet been able to remove the left pedal on the bike. Before anyone says it: yes, the left pedal loosens clockwise and tightens counter-clockwise. I am aware.

Next step is to get a large cheater bar to put over the wrench, but I have not found a 2-3 foot long iron pipe hanging around my apartment. If I’m not able to make that work, I’ll have to take the bike to a shop where the pedal can be removed. Clearly, that is an absolute last resort.

Provided I can get the pedal off and the threads on the crank arm haven’t been stripped to hell, the next step is to put on some new parts, notably a new set of pedals and a seatpost clamp, so I can get the bike sized correctly. Then it’s time to install the front brake and make it rideable.


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