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After-action report: Apocalypse World, July 31st

This session is, from a character perspective, one I have dreamed of. NPC suggests a high-risk scavenging run to PCs. PCs go along. NPC dies during said run. PCs know NPC well enough to mourn her in-character.

I wrote up a more detailed summary of the session here. Ultimately, I now feel like I have players that are coming into their characters and really reaching beyond mechanical actions in this system. There’s a lot that can happen now that people are starting to think about their characters and their emotional responses, not just what move is next.

I also am starting to see the Fronts for this world coming together. The Front I foreshadowed in this session is hopefully not going to be a straightforward one, and should provide some really interesting opportunities for storytelling. I also have ideas for some of the fallout from the last couple sessions to really come back around. Based on this session and what I saw, I’ve decided to limit my low-quorum GMing for my online group to this game. Now this campaign is starting to dig in, and I feel like there’s a lot more here than there was with the one-shot of The Sprawl…not due to system constraints, mind you, but just because the setup of this game was more detailed, the players took it more seriously, and the goal of getting buy-in on the setting through the session zero was handily achieved.

The game has been taking a while to find its feet, both because of the sporadic nature of the sessions and because of the new-ness of Apocalypse World. Still, I’m liking how things are going from here. I hope that I continue to get this level of buy-in, and that I can keep this going, even heading into a more dedicated campaign in the future. In the meantime, my plan is to give some extra XP for in-character interludes to encourage buy-in and help get people to catch up to the high earners.


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