Fiction Writing

Pre-vacation work

Words written/total: 1444/2813

One thing that is difficult to do, and that I may need to work on, is writing your characters lying to each other. There are major things in the story that are revealed later, but until they are revealed there is at least one character directly lying about them. When you the author know, it’s a challenge to write the character who doesn’t know…but also to write the character who does, and figure out how they’d cover it up.

The other big challenge I had in this bit of exposition was introducing the iconoclastic Lance Deckard. In the first draft, Lance comes to Scott’s door and puts a gun to his head. On one hand, it’s the best way to introduce Lance: uncharacteristically sure of himself, risk-seeking, and loving to make a scene. On the other hand, the entire set-up there is suspect at best and utterly ridiculous at worst. I’ve changed things around, and now you meet Lance at the first day of his new job. Is Lance going to be sociopathic ol’ Lance when he’s meeting his boss for the first time? Well, no. So Scott is meeting a more buttoned-up version of Lance who lets his hair down (or up, as it were) more slowly. I’ve started to peel back the layers, and it is starting to feel like Lance…but at the same time I don’t feel like it’s as strong a first impression. After this draft I’m going to need to figure out where the balance between the realistic and the ludicrous lies.

In addition to this writing, I’m going to continue outlining before leaving this evening. My hope is that I push through a Pennsic-shaped writing break by having tons of ideas, and doing some sketching and writing long-hand while I’m there. The middle of the story is still a little sparse, outline-wise, but I’ve been making a lot of progress compared to where I was even on Wednesday. I’ve also spent some time writing a bit of content so the blog doesn’t go completely fallow while I’m gone.


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