Reflective Writing

Character profile: Lance Deckard

I’ve written these character profiles prior to leaving for vacation, in a hope to keep the blog somewhat alive while I’m gone.

When I first wrote Lance, he was a combination of a mild Mary Sue and a distillation of character ideas that were developed as part of an RPG campaign in high school, and some stories thereafter. Now, as I begin the rewrite, I’m focusing on the latter part of the story where Lance’s character develops more depth. And reading through that, I realize that this time there’s a different set of inspiration.

Lance, this time around, is significantly more based on me. Unlike Scott, who’s based on “2009 me”, Lance is based on me right now, me the author. And as such, Lance is really the character who has the perspective of the author, reflecting on his fraternal experience with more distance.

It’s important in the story to mention that Lance was a Gamma Sig, both establishing him as Scott’s brother and as Greek. It’s equally important that nothing else of Lance’s fraternity experiences interact with the story. Ultimately, that’s because it’s my perspective. I do have AEPi friends, even some who live in Boston, but the fraternity as an organization affects my life not a whit. For that reason Lance’s perspective is an interesting one. In returning to a college fraternity, years later, how has your opinion and your perspective changed? It’s also why Lance’s role in the rewrite is important. No spoilers, but he is going to be forced to grapple with the less positive aspects of the identity of Greek Life. Scott is too, but Lance’s considerations are going to be, in the end, more reflective of my own.

Lance was based in appearance on a fraternity brother of mine; as Lance is always described as having a mohawk it’s not difficult to figure out who if you know me. While Lance’s personality is certainly mined from myself and my fiction, the things that made me similar to my friend carry over to some degree. The odd-coupleness of Scott and Lance is also heavily inspired by our relationship while in college.


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