Reflective Writing

Slow Ride

Another Monday, which means another attempt to plan my week.

First priority is to dump a couple thousand more words into the Fratricide rewrite. I’m trying to coax a bit more personality out of my main characters, as well as push into some of the plot exposition at this point. All in all, it’s early days but I’m feeling like I’m making progress.

I’m running a game Tuesday night, but I need to figure out what exactly is happening with it. Urban Shadows has not clicked as well as some of the other PbtA systems, and the interpersonal mechanics (the debt system specifically) have required a bit of mental acrobatics. I’m going to talk with the players and figure out what we want to do.

If I suddenly find myself with free time (ha!), I’m going to try to read more of the Burning Wheel Codex, and at least try to finish the Adventure Burner (GM’s guide and commentary). The book so far has gotten me really excited about the potential of fantasy games in my future, but I’ve only read the first 70 pages.

On top of all that, I’ve had a story idea that I came up with while at Pennsic, and I should really outline some of it before the specifics start to get away from me. And my game idea has gone into full-on “weird”, which to me is an indication I should pursue it further.

After I’m back in work-week mode, I’ll try to write more.


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