An Omission: The Martian Chronicles Adventure Game

In today’s earlier reflection, I made an interesting omission in the “tie-ins” section.

The Martian Chronicles Adventure Game was based on the Ray Bradbury short story collection it shared its name with, and some of the characters returned as well. That said, the game was kind of a mess. It was a puzzle game, but at the same time you had to watch your oxygen level, and were on a time limit. To add to that, there were definitely aliens around who were trying to kill you. I never beat this game, but like both Gadget and the Journeyman Project games, thinking about it does make me want to go and find a copy. It was highly atmospheric, and used both Bradbury’s commentary and passages from the book very effectively in its presentation. And to top it all off, this game, like Gadget, creeped the hell out of me as a kid.


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