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After-action report: Urban Shadows, sort of, August 30th

After a six week hiatus, I opened what was intended to be an Urban Shadows session with a conversation about how the game was going. There was some degree of consensus reached that the game was confusing, and that the debt system of relationships wasn’t moving things forward. After some discussion of alternatives, we put the game down, and picked up Dungeon World instead.

I think this will be a good solution for everyone involved. The group wasn’t really engaging with the personal debts-as-progression paradigm that Urban Shadows is built around. It’s great for intrigue, but after some discussion it sounded more like traditional party structure is what we should be going for.

In addition, I offhandedly mentioned Burning Wheel and got some interest from another player of mine. I now have *two* people who may be interested in Burning Wheel in the future. Find a third and I may actually try to make this happen at some point in the future…


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