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Absence, and a proposal

I’ve been in San Francisco for work essentially all of this week, explaining my lack of writing. I was able to put down 600 words on Fratricide in the hotel room, but a relative lack of time has made blogging about anything pertinent somewhat difficult. I leave this evening, and next week everything will be back to normal.

I’ve been thinking more about future gaming ideas, especially after spending some time with another incredibly creative GM from our college group, who has declined to continue with the group online (in his words, playing online “drives him nuts”). We always talk about games and writing, and shared some bits on our respective writing projects. But it made we think about play-by-post.

First, play-by-post has been on my mind. Second, our most successful PbP game was run by my friend here, and he’s just as into the writing aspect as I am. Thinking about having an outlet like that makes the notion of starting up a game incredibly tempting.

If I was to start a play-by-post game, it would almost certainly be in a Powered-by-the-Apocalypse system…probably straight Apocalypse World. I’d find players who were interested in dropping some word count on this thing, and comfortable with a relatively slow pace. Between the light system and the battle moves, it’d be possible to resolve combats tightly without the slowdown we experienced in GURPS (which, despite being objectively terrible for PbP was the system we used pretty much every time).

It’s another game on my RPG wishlist along with Burning Wheel, though between the system and the medium it would be a lot easier. Can I find enough people interested in a slow-burning, writing-heavy game, though? Guess I should start polling the audience.


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