First milestone

Over this weekend, my view count exceeded my post count for the first time. It’s a modest first milestone, but one I’m happy about.

To explain, back in May shortly after I started this blog, I imported the contents of four WordPress blogs I had written previously into this one. This put me at around 450 posts at the start of this month, and reset my post count on all of my imported posts to zero. As such, there was roughly two to three archive posts for every new post I had made, so I needed to get more than 3 views a post pretty consistently to bridge the gap. Well, five months into this blog’s inception, it appears that I’ve done it. 455 posts, 460 total views. A little less than 100 hits a month.

I think it’s a good starting goal, but even with this relatively modest personal blog, I do have another. I’d like to get to the point I was able to with my personal blog in college, and consistently hit over 250 views a month. I actually exceeded that this August, but I’m on track to come in much lower in September, likely due to a week with no content thanks to business travel and a writing drought. Still, I believe this is a goal I can probably hit by the end of the year. I know the best way to achieve that is to write interesting things people want to read, so I’m going to try my best to keep doing that.


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