Continued bicycle adventures

I ran the 40-mile Hub on Wheels ride yesterday in Boston, and dealt with the 50-mile day (40 miles plus five to the ride and five back home) very well considering my lack of endurance training. The bike performed admirably, but there were several weak points in my setup that were revealed by spending three solid hours in the saddle. My hands got sore very quickly, so I’m looking at possible ways to adjust my handlebars. The setup is good enough for my commute so I’m hesitant to mess around with anything until I have a solid block of time. The issue is too much pressure on my hands, which is likely an indirect consequence of me having really long arms…the seat is already on the shorter side of correct height, but raising it any further would make the hand problem worse. To really fix the situation I’d likely need a new handlebar stem. Alternatively, a wider set of handlebars could make it easier for me to spend less time in the drops, which would also fix the issue.

Project fixie continues, though there has been no progress since being stalled by a stuck pedal. Partly due to this and partly due to both other bikes (mine and my girlfriend’s) in my stable making some degree of clicking noises from the pedal area, I’ve ordered some crank pulling tools (a crank puller and appropriately sized allen keys for the crank bolts) to fix all of these situations. As the crank threads on the fixie are likely stripped to hell by the stuck pedal, this probably should have been a course of action I took earlier.

I’ve been doing fairly well riding to work almost every day. I drove in today due to some evening plans that require a car, and man was it horrible. Biking really is a better transport solution for my needs, and is making me wonder if I can organize a future that precludes car ownership entirely. This winter will be the ultimate litmus test of that particular fantasy.


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