Reflective Writing

Multiple Avocation Disorder

I titled a blog ‘Multiple Avocation Disorder’ a few years ago when I was trying to justify writing about all of my hobbies…at the time I was cycling more miles than I am now, had my car up on jackstands every month typically, and was still gaming as well. Even the broad swathe of “hobbies” ended up being too restrictive for the writing I wanted to do, but I still have Multiple Avocation Disorder even if the blog didn’t survive.

I’m slowly ordering parts for my fixie build. I decided to get a new crank, going from 46 teeth in the front to 44. With a 15-tooth cog in the back my gear ratio is still a little high for an around-town bike, but it will definitely give me a workout. Worst comes to worst, switching the cog in the future will be cheaper, and easily net me the very popular 2.75:1 gear ratio (44/16). The new crank also has shorter crank arms, good for both the dimensions and cadence of a fixed-gear bike. I’ve already gotten a pair of platform pedals with straps, and am going to measure out my old handlebar and seatpost clamp so I can order those in the right sizes.

My writing continues to progress slowly, and I’m still marinating the idea of doing NaNoWriMo. It comes down to whether a) taking a break from the current novel will be a good idea and b) if writing something new will get me inspired enough to put down 1700 words in a sitting, around double what I’ve been doing in the last couple weeks.

My car hobby has gone fallow, due to both lack of workspace and the (very good, really) decision to stop trying to modify my only car. Beyond that, I’m seriously considering getting a more practical car than the one I have, but finding something with the right fun/reliability/cargo space ratio is extraordinarily difficult. There are a couple new-for-2017 vehicles on the horizon that may fix this, and while I can definitely afford to buy new I’m not enthused about it. On the other hand, buying something that doesn’t attract assholes like a WRX or a BMW does may save me more money on insurance than it will cost me in depreciation. Not to mention gas…the BMW gets only incrementally better gas mileage than the WRX did, and increasing that by 50% sounds really awesome.

I have been reading, currently about two thirds of the way through Cumulus, by Eliot Peper. He walks the tightrope of product-placement corporate dystopia, but as the titular company is obviously a Google/Facebook proxy, it’s done with enough deliberation to work. That, and both the conceit and the characters are phenomenal. It’s sci-fi  levels of out there, but still hits home enough to make me very uncomfortable (in a good way). It’s possible he might not clinch the ending, but from what I’ve seen so far I’d highly recommend the book.

And with all that, I still have tried to start a play-by-post game. Have five interested players, and am getting their characters lined up this weekend. I have high hopes, but at the same time have been struck with the memory of how much work this is. Still looking forward to it.


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