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After-action report: Dungeon World, October 12th

I was not on my game last night. For whatever reason I was having a fair amount of trouble concentrating, and we only really got in an hour or so of play. I probably need to get more sleep.

The group returned to the village and got their payment for giving the old man, Kenneth, the book he had asked for. However, upon hearing they had been tracked, he asked for their help to make it to the capital city of Valmont where he could deposit the book in the vault of Solweth, the God of hidden knowledge and secrets. They made it to the city without event, though the old man scurried away after the book was deposited. It was discovered that the book was one of fifty volumes written by a prolific and powerful necromancer, explaining the taint of evil and why others wanted it. The temple had four such volumes in its possession already.

It’s a good McGuffin, I think, but I wasn’t able to set it up very well. I know where to go for the next session, when things really get going, and I hope my players will have some patience with me as I set everything up. When I’m on, improv is easy and fun…but I wasn’t on last night.


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