Reflective Writing

Off balance

As I mentioned in a post last week, things were off for me for a while. Sometimes you have bad weeks. As a result, by the time Thursday rolled around and I was still completely off kilter, I wrote off the week in writing and tried to get some rest. Not sure how well it worked, but after some social time and a much better game experience this weekend, I’m feeling better.

Now that I turn back to writing, I’m still wondering about writing a second story and NaNoWriMo. I’m not confident at all that I’ll be able to make the word count in November, but the idea of starting fresh and writing something else for a while is very appealing. I think, though, that bolting that to the 50,000 word goal is probably the best way to make it productive rather than my own version of project ADD.

On other project fronts, as of this morning I have all my bike parts. I mocked up the handlebars and brake lever on Friday, and everything fits great. The seatpost collar was too small (barely), so I ordered another one one size up. And though the crank and pedals came in last week, I couldn’t start on that upgrade without my chainguard, which actually mounts between the bottom bracket cup and the frame. That was what I retrieved this morning.

Still shaky on a few things with this: I’ve never actually removed a bottom bracket before, so this will be interesting. I have the extraction tool, and should be all set to actually do it…it’s just new. It’ll be good practice, either way…both of the other bikes under my care are going to need new bottom brackets soon if they don’t already. The other new thing is going to be routing the front brake. The hardware, that being the actual brake caliper and the lever, are mounted, though the lever will probably get moved in preparation for taping the bar. That said, I need to cut down cable and housing, and then attach all this stuff. Should be interesting, and is another new thing that I’m hoping I do correctly.

Beyond that, gaming still looms in the background. I’ve been content to let the play-by-post take a slower pace, and people are still engaged, so that’s fine. I can pick up Dungeon World where I left off in another week, and hopefully get things rolling a bit better. In the online frontier, I’m not running anything now, but both another Star Wars game and Dark Heresy are fresh out of the gate, and I have solid characters for both. Dark Heresy is grabbing me more than I thought it would, which is great. I’m still juggling thoughts of a future Cyberpunk game in my head, and still trying to figure out how best to set it up so that the players take it seriously. I’ll probably write more on that later in the week.

So while October got off to a shaky start, I’ve mostly collected myself. Hopefully this week is better than last.


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