Exciting News

One of my good friends and member of my online player group, Seamus Conneely, has been a contributor at the excellent Mad Adventurer’s Society for a solid two years now. Sadly, the Mad Adventurer’s Society is closing its doors…but like a phoenix from the ashes, the core contributors are building up their respective online presences into new platforms for RPG content.

I am excited to announce that I will be writing gaming content for Seamus’s new site, Cannibal Halfling Gaming. Expect to see my writing there on a weekly basis…I’ll be focusing on storytelling in games and approaches to roleplaying that extend beyond what’s possible in traditional games like Dungeons and Dragons. My goal is to help illuminate the vast potential of different games and playstyles, at a less academic or technical level than a more dedicated theory wonk like Ron Edwards.

What does that mean for this site? Not all that much. Expect to see a little less gaming content as I direct those energies elsewhere, but ultimately most of what I write, things like reflections on my own games and my own writing, will stay here. The reviews I post for games on this site will probably go elsewhere, but nothing else will move.

I’m looking forward to getting more content out there and having the opportunity to write for a larger audience. Seamus did some great writing for the Mad Adventurer’s Society, and being able to share his new platform is a tremendous opportunity.

Cannibal Halfling Gaming


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