Out of the gates

My first post has been published over at Cannibal Halfling Gaming, exploring Powered by the Apocalypse. It’s caught some eyeballs over there, a pretty healthy number for a first effort. Check it out.

I’ve started drafting my next few columns (spoiler: anyone who’s been reading my worldbuilding posts will be completely unsurprised by column 2) as the Level One Wonk, an explorer of all things RPG without getting judgmental or drowned in acronyms like GNS (though I’m about 90% likely to write about GNS at some point in the future). Writing for an audience is an important way to clarify my work…and also helps it stand in contrast to most of the rambling I do over here.

Speaking of over here. I’m likely going to switch to a Tuesday-Thursday posting schedule on this site. I may shift my posting times earlier, but I haven’t decided. I will have a post Wednesday at 1 PM, but it will be a link to Cannibal Halfling, rather than running content that competes with, well, myself.

My staggering through worldbuilding is likely to continue, but I also will shift focus back to writing fiction. I’ve had an idea that has been fermenting for some time, and I’m going to need to start putting word count to it lest it disappear.


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