Writing update: January 2017

I’ve been haphazardly plugging away at my game idea, Paradox. My plan is to puff it out into a real outline sometime soon, maybe this weekend. I feel the idea has legs not because no one has done a time travel game before, but because lots of people have tried to do a time travel game and failed. That doesn’t mean that I won’t (fail, that is), but it does mean that the pressure moves from creativity to execution, and I find that I’m a much better execution person than an ideas person, oddly enough.

Speaking of ideas and execution, finding the time and focus to write fiction is very difficult. I wrote a bit executing on an idea I had back at Pennsic, but it’s not yet directionally coherent enough to call it a project. At the same time, I’m trying to mine the essentially bottomless pit of stories I want to tell through games, and see if there’s something I can pull out and use in a narrative. The post-apocalyptic spirit world deal has promise, but I haven’t found the story yet.

And of course, this blog has been very quiet because of my continued posting at Cannibal Halfling. The blog is going very well, and I’m pretty happy with my weekly 1000-1500 word posts. Between that and Paradox, I have been busy, so I don’t feel particularly guilty about only posting here once a week.

Also, apropos of nothing, Project Urban Beater is complete. I need to test ride the bike and attach some ancillaries, but it is now a functional bicycle. Next up, Project Studded Tire Apocalypse, which is a) going to be a lot cheaper and b) is delayed until next winter because it’s too late in the season for it to be useful now.


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