roleplaying games

Real games being actually planned

I wrote in the past about all the games I wanted to play, provided I had enough time. Now, I’m starting to figure out a plan for what games I’m actually running in the future.

First, I wrote up a “mid-sized” hexcrawl for Cyberpunk 2020. Now, figuring out when I’m actually running it with the online group is proving to be a slight logistical challenge, but I’ve proposed it and have a slot to run it while one of our core GMs is out for a couple months. I’ve distributed the character creation rules to everyone, and have enough material for a solid handful of sessions.

My in-person game of Victoriana is on the rocks with exactly no sessions under our belt, so at this point I plan to retool and shift the group so we have more regular players. Though nothing is set in stone, I’m considering some hexcrawl-y goodness here as well, possibly even running Burning Wheel since in-person is my only real chance.

I’m also looking out into the future with regards to running my post-apocalyptic fantasy game, and if I’m feeling ambitious this could also be used for the in-person group. After much hemming and hawing, I decided the best game to run the sort of game I was looking for is likely Reign, even if it means I need to do some history writing, worldbuilding, and some paths/disciplines and magic rules. The one-roll spells tool is a pretty neat way to populate the world with hidden lore and relics, though I’d need to figure out how best to treat mage-type characters at character creation. There’s a built-in storyline about ancient hidden lore, but I’m not sure how people would feel about starting with no spells.

Beyond that, The Sprawl is still sitting in the future as a game for the online group. It should be a good one, and it keeps getting informed by my continued consumption of science fiction. Hopefully it’s a long runner, though we’ll see what the characters do and how interesting they are.


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