Very quiet around here…

As is wont to occasionally occur, this blog has gone very quiet. I have not stopped writing, my weekly posts have gone up on Cannibal Halfling like clockwork. That said, my life has been very busy and as a result I haven’t had as much time to write. In big news, I have taken a new job, which starts next week. The on-boarding/off-boarding process is the cause of the majority of my additional busyness and stress, meaning my schedule should being reverting to normal in another few weeks.

Beyond that, I also took some time to travel for the LARP my girlfriend is writing, spending last weekend in Pennsylvania. I never thought of myself as a LARP guy, but between the event and Pennsic I’m getting into not only the gaming aspect but also the garb/lifestyle aspect. The campaign has eight more events over the next three years, so I’m reserving judgment as to whether or not I want to pursue a more full schedule (albeit likely at a closer site). There is a LARP post going up on Cannibal Halfling tomorrow, so check it out when it goes live.

That’s about it for now. Once my head stops spinning, I’ll come back here to discuss either a) the new, more moddable car, or b) a longer writing project I’ve been planning.


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