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RPG a Day, part 1

RPG a Day is now in its fourth year, after a blogger called Autocratik started the whole kit and caboodle to encourage positivity within in the hobby. Now, as a (semi) recognized game commentator and finally active Twitter user, I’ve decided to give it a go this year. I’ll be posting days in review once a week, here are my posts for August 1-3.

August 1st: Which published RPG would you like to be playing right now?

The answer I gave on Twitter is Burning Wheel. Burning Wheel is my ultimate “favorite game I’ve never played”, where both the level of rules depth as well as the highly player-facing gameplay style makes introducing the game to a group that’s never played it really daunting. Fortunately, I’m inching closer to my goal of either playing or running Burning Wheel. I’ve decided my low-quorum game for my online group will be Torchbearer, which is a Burning Wheel derivative. Similarly, for in-person players, I’ve decided that, after expending a lot of effort to try and get a group together, that said effort isn’t really worth it unless I’m running a game I really want to run. Therefore, if I’m going to get an in-person game going, it will be in Burning Wheel.

August 2nd: What is an RPG you would like to see published?

I gave two answers to this: first, a dedicated exploration game. My idea is to take the PbtA philosophy of “play to find out what happens”, and make it into the whole geography of the game. The game would continually increase in complexity and challenge as the map gets bigger, and the players would both benefit from more resources and opportunities as well as face ever greater opposition. I’m actually planning a game like this for my online group, though using a published system.

My other answer was a Burning Wheel derivative. While there have been several fantasy derivatives and a sci-fi one (Burning Empires), I think that the structure of Burning Wheel could make for some really interesting gameplay opportunities in a largely modern context. The two examples I offered on Twitter were “Burning Cyberpunk” (which Adam Koebel of Dungeon World fame has also professed interest in) and “Burning Supers”, which is basically 100% inspired by the notion of superhuman melodrama a la Masks.

August 3rd: How do you find out about new RPGs?

This is a more straightforward question with a fairly straightforward answer. I find out about new RPGs either from trolling Kickstarter for new projects, or by people posting about them on RPGnet. Occasionally Seamus will either tell me about or review a game I hadn’t heard of, and occasionally other RPG commentators and authors I respect will mention games that sound like I’d enjoy them.

That’s about it for this week. Come back next Thursday where I’ll be posting about the questions from August 4th – 10th.


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