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RPG a Day, part 5

This is the last week for RPG questions!

August 25: What is the best way to thank your GM? As I said, return their enthusiasm with your own. It can be so disheartening when you put a lot of work into something and get back a mild response. What I’d like from my players is when I use a tool like Obsidian Portal to give them a chance to engage with the game I’m running, I’d like to see it used. Even when players enjoy the game, it can be disheartening when they drop it after the session and don’t think about it again even as it’s constantly in your head.

August 26: Which RPG provides the most useful resources? GURPS is the one system that consistently produces sourcebooks which I can use in many other systems. GURPS Mysteries, as an example, is one I recommend to any GM trying to run a mystery, whether it’s in GURPS or not. Space similarly has a whole swathe of random star system and planet generators that are gold.

August 27: What are your essentials for good gaming? All I need for good gaming is something to write on. I do work better on computers, in which case having a word processor and spreadsheet is all I really need. Google Sheets has actually been pretty amazing, as it combines most of the functionality of Excel with collaboration tools that make it easy to see what everyone’s inputs are.

August 28: What film/TV series is the biggest source of quotes in your game? We end up quoting ourselves from past games way more than any one TV or film property. And when it comes to memorable utterances, they tend to be the off-the-wall ones we come up with ourselves. Our quote log is over 30 pages long and covers ten years of gaming at this point.

August 29: What has been the best run RPG Kickstarter you’ve backed? I said Burning Wheel Codex because not only was it run tightly, but the product shipped super quick. In all honesty, most of the Kickstarters I’ve backed have been pretty good on the RPG side. The ones I backed which ran into delays were transparent and still shipped good product, but many of those I backed were not particularly delayed at all.

August 30: What is an RPG genre mashup you’d like to see? So many already exist. I nearly facepalmed when I was thinking about fantasy and Cyberpunk and somehow forgot Shadowrun existed. I ended up saying something with Supers…out of those I really wanted to see Supers horror but I think that’s Wild Talents to a degree. See, so many already exist!

August 31: What do you anticipate for gaming in 2018? There’s a lot of exciting stuff coming out between now and January, including some really neat stuff out of some of the big studios (Genesys from Fantasy Flight, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything from Wizards). I’m anticipating some great opportunities to try new stuff and really get back into GMing. At the same time, the stars are aligning such that I may be able to game in person again in 2018 as well. Only time will tell.


So that’s it for RPG a Day this year! I did decently well at staying current, and had fun thinking about all the questions. A couple things are happening which will likely show up here later. First, I am serious about getting back into an in-person group. Now that LARP season is over I’m trying to free up my Wednesdays and get four players who can all come over and roll dice for a couple hours. I’d like to run Burning Wheel in this time, but I’m also aware that sub-3 hour sessions are both likely and not ideal for a game of that intensity. Up to the point that I have a group actually together, I’m willing to be flexible.

Additionally, in the last couple of months I had an idea for a novel, and I’m going to try again to execute on it. Starting next Monday, the end of Labor Day weekend, I’m going to put myself on a writing schedule again. I’m aiming to write every day, without setting an amount. I’ll use this blog to track my progress. Once things have coalesced, I’ll tell everyone what this story is about.

Continue checking out Cannibal Halfling, I posted a neat article about recent editions of Paranoia there yesterday. And keep watching this space, we’re getting closer and closer to me having GM shenanigans again!


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