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This is actually happening

Not my new writing project. I mean, that is likely going to happen, but I’m still figuring out how to line up my writing time and move forward with it. The Labor Day start didn’t happen, but this Sunday, which isn’t after a major travel day, is more likely.

No, I’m talking about my planned RPG campaign, happening in person and using Burning Wheel as the system. I’ve talked about running something in Burning Wheel forever, but I’m done just talking…that’s a surefire way to get nothing done.

I’ve started to clear all Wednesdays from my calendar, with the intent of running the game twice a month on Wednesday evenings, probably 6 or 6:30 to 10 or 10:30. I have two interested people and a third who is interested but will join remotely after resolving some computer issues. That means I need somewhere between one and three additional people, but more likely one or two.

The planned game is inspired by dark and intrigue-heavy fantasy that I’ve consumed, including Game of Thrones and the Witcher series. I know these aren’t particularly deep cuts, but it gives the right vibe of political turmoil cut by magic and monsters. Burning Wheel is perfect for something like this, as magic is difficult to study and perform, but still powerful and terrifying. The game is likely to be human-only, both to keep some of the fantastical elements down and to simplify my life as a first-time Burning Wheel GM.

Starting characters will have three lifepaths, making them early-stage characters who will develop (at least a little bit) quickly. While I’m going to write the bare bones of the world, hopefully the players will help provide me with some detail and help a good setting emerge.

So my hope is to have this ready to go in the next month or two, with a majority of players local to Boston (our one potential remote player is grandfathered in). I’m looking for players among my social circles…possibly including people who may read this on Facebook. You can check out the Burning Wheel core rules (the Hub and Spokes) for free, and then the book is available for a reasonable price many places online. There are no official PDFs, sadly.


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