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Writing tracking, or, more meta-writing

I’ve had a new writing project floating around in my head since it came to me while flying back from San Diego over a month ago. Now, I really need to execute on it before it completely evaporates. Additionally, I’ve started getting distracting gaming ideas, so I need to direct my energies elsewhere while I’m waiting for the last D&D sourcebook to come out so I can write the game I actually intend to run.

My schedule has been a little too inconsistent to support daily writing, so instead of trying to fit that square peg into the round hole of my life, I’m going to switch to weekly goals and reviews. I’ll be posting these Thursdays, so next week we’ll see how I do with my word count. I decided on a fairly conservative pace, 250 words per day, which translates to 1750 words per week.

I found when I was doing the RPG a Day updates, my weekly recap encouraged me to go back and cover days I had missed, rather than get discouraged as I fell behind (which is what happened in the past with daily writing schedules). My hope is this way I’ll still write consistently a few times a week, and get my allotted words in with no problem. Between this and Cannibal Halfling I’ll be writing about 3000 words a week, not too shabby for a hobby I don’t get paid for.

Next week I’ll have my first check-in, and some reflections about this new story I’m going to hopefully start creating.


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