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Week in Review: Project Balancing

It’s time for the first check-in since I talked about my new project last week. Long story short, I fell short of my goal of 1750 words on the new project, writing only 1250. That said, my weekly article was 2600 words, at least 1100 words longer than average…that means I exceeded my pre-project writing target of 1500 words a week by a whopping 2300 words. So I’m fine with how I did. Not writing enough of one thing because you’re writing a lot of something else is totally OK.

The project is off to a good start, I have an idea of the basic conflicts and I’m starting to find a voice for the story, something I’ve had difficulty with before. I have a feeling the intro may need to be reworked…I dumped the names of six different characters in at the beginning while only introducing half of them and using a bunch of other names of supporting characters that may come up later…it’s a confusing way to start a story. I’ll file that away for later, though, because worrying about what I’ve already done wrong will make it impossible to get a first draft done.

Reflecting on an earlier still post, I  am resolute in running D&D for my online group when the time comes. Waiting until November to start prep is making my mind wander a bit, but I’ve stayed committed. I did drop the low-quorum game because of prep issues, but that has given me a potential outlet for all my Cyberpunk twitching. I’m also resolute in my desire to run Burning Wheel in person, but finding the necessary people and getting them together is, as I thought, taking a while.


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