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Week in Review: Down with the sickness

I only wrote 500 words this week, once again not counting an article. The low word count and a rushed article came from a mild stomach bug that, despite being low on the range of stomach ailments, still had me laid up with a fever and inability to eat non-cracker foods from Sunday to Monday. I give this week a pass as a result.

Burning Wheel may actually be happening…in addition to finally gelling a campaign idea I’m excited about, I may get a third player, which for Burning Wheel is enough to start. The campaign idea actually ends up being closer to the original vision of my fantasy apocalypse, with low magic, no fantasy races, and more mystery and danger than adventure and conquest. It doesn’t negate the value of the D&D campaign ideas I’ve come up with, but it will stand in contrast to it.

On a more random note, I’m all the way caught up with the System Mastery podcast, and so have begun listening to One Shot more frequently. The Gauntlet will get into my rotation eventually, but the reprise of the One Shot gang’s Numenera shenanigans popped up to the top of my list easily.

Speaking of Numenera…I’m likely going to try and cut back my Kickstarter habit a little bit. Numenera is the sort of game where the reputation would have pushed me over in the past, but the fact that I will almost certainly never play it has knocked it off the list. Fact is, there are too many games that I will have a tough time fitting in that I desperately want to. I really want to run or play Legacy, but I don’t know when. The Veil is still high on my list as well. I’m finally getting close to running Burning Wheel, and I’ve owned the Codex for over a year, let alone the original book. While there are some games like Red Markets that are just so interesting they’re worth reading for the ideas, there are fewer and fewer campaign-based games that I can honestly expect to use and run. My pre-orders are much more aligned with gaming I expect to do. I pre-ordered Xanathar’s Guide to Everything specifically to use in a campaign, and I have high hopes that Genesys (which I also pre-ordered) could replace GURPS as my toolkit if it’s both good enough and well supported enough. It’s strange to admit, but though I love GURPS and it’s still the best LEGO set of am RPG I’ve ever had, the core playstyle it supports is one I’ve been moving away from. Fate is play-wise the best generic system I own, now, though finding times to run it have been tough. If Genesys meets in the middle of those two like I hope it will, it could be everything I want.

And then it’s a good thing that I won’t be backing Kickstarters as much…because knowing Fantasy Flight I’ll be taking that money and spending it on supplements.


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