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Week(s) in Review: November has come

First, because I reference things in my titles:


Anyways. Missed last week, but I’ve been pretty busy getting things ready to go for my upcoming D&D game. Yesterday’s Cannibal Halfling post was a nice bit of synergy, as I pulled the Mass Combat rules for personal use and then decided to write a review of them as it was one of the few Unearthed Arcana articles that Seamus hadn’t covered.

Both Xanathar’s Guide and Genesys are coming up soon, and I’m trying hard to resist even the idea that I could run my fantasy game in Genesys. Honestly, I’ve put in a lot of work to make the 5e frameworks work for me, so at this point the game is no longer system-agnostic. Realistically, as long as my players don’t have as infectious a novelty bug as I do (and I’m 90% sure they don’t), I should be fine.

That said, if Genesys is good then tuning it for Cyberpunk will absolutely become one of my back burner projects. The narrative dice system should combine the smooth running of Fate with the crunch and options of more traditional systems, and it’s familiar to my group to boot. The only problem there is that it then sits next to The Veil in “cyberpunk games I will run eventually” land. I’ll worry about that when I actually have the game in my hands.


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