Defunct blogs

My constant attempts to reinvent myself have become tiring, so all chances for you to point and laugh at my writing are catalogued here.

Multiple Avocation Disorder

My first realization that I did want a personal blog more than anything else. While it’s the most recent, I still feel my goal in chronicling my writing is more coherent than “OMG MY HOBBIEZ”. Speaking of coherent…

The Modern GM

Spurred by a brief writing stint with the well known gaming blog Troll in the Corner, I tried to start my own (gaming blog, that is). I thought I had a good gimmick (modern games as opposed to fantasy) but the reality is that I don’t game often enough to have enough material to write a gaming blog. Alas.

Aaron’s emo college blog of emo

For completeness sake. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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