Exhibit B: Roleplaying Games

I’ve been a gamer since middle school, and it isn’t going to let up anytime soon. Like most people my hobby started with Dungeons and Dragons, and then (d)evolved from there. I’m sure I will discuss my thoughts on play style at length at some time, so the best reference I can provide here is some information about the systems I’ve played and run games with.

Dungeons and Dragons

D&D was the first system I used, playing in an AD&D 2e game in the 8th grade. Since then, I’ve run a 3e game (high school) and played 3.5 and 4e (both in college). Not my favorite, but it can be fun.

Cyberpunk 2020

I first bought the Cyberpunk core book in high school, and immediately started running games with it. I first played in college, and after running games through college and into grad school, I’ve decided to shift away from the system. It is still one of my favorites, and I will likely run one-shots with it for the foreseeable future.


I started with GURPS in college, and am still in love with the system. I’ve bought a lot of books, and continue to use GURPS as the cornerstone of most of my writing and GMing. The fact that you can do or create essentially anything makes it the best for writing, compared to other systems I’ve played or ran.

World of Darkness

Starting with a few one-shots in high school, World of Darkness games have always been at the periphery of my gaming. The games in high school were pretty mediocre, but the games run in college were a lot of fun, if not different from what I’m typically used to.

Savage Worlds

I’ve used Savage Worlds twice, in a small campaign and a one-shot. It is a fast and flexible system, but I find that my writing style is better supported by the larger amounts of background material in GURPS. Still, it’s lightness makes it tempting for gaming events and one-shots. I want to use this system more.


We’ve played one Exalted game, and it was epic. It’s not my cup of tea from a system perspective, but all of us had a lot of fun playing it.


Paranoia is always a memorable game when we play. I’ve run two one-shots, and always am looking for opportunities to run more.


We’re playing Shadowrun now, and it may very well ascend to our go-to Cyberpunk game. Fun mechanics, and a rich world. Scratches the right itches like Cyberpunk 2020, but with more meat and less wonkiness.


I played Rifts once in high school. I can’t recommend it to any sane person.


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