Exhibit D: Writing

Writing is a significant hobby of mine, but it is the final exhibit because of the inherent “meta”-ness of discussing it on a blog, itself a medium of writing. Though I’ve written fiction, I am not published in any way, and any previous blogging efforts of mine have been met with a relatively small audience.

MetaBlog: My writing blog, started in 2010. The primary purpose was to track my external writing progress, but also to serve as a platform for other random crap. This blog is now my more all-inclusive platform for both writing progress and random crap.

The Modern GM: A gaming blog, started in 2011. My attempt here was to build a narrower focus for a writing platform and try to build an audience. However, my time spent gaming was never enough to build out enough content to update as much or as richly as other “competing” gaming blogs.


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